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Cassegrain - Dall Kirkham 11"   f/12


PRICE €. 3267,00 net vat



Instruments mechanical data (PDF)



Aperture 11" inch (280mm) 


Focal Length 3400mm 


Focal ratio f/12


Central Obstruction 29%  


Back Focus from Primary mirror Surface  (250 mm) 


OTA Length 716 mm 


Optical Tube Carbon Fiber 


Dimensions Overall Dimensions (PDF) 


Weight  (15 kg) 





Diameter 11 inch (282 mm) 


Clear Aperture  (280 mm) 


Focal ratio f/3 


Mounting Laser Collimated and Permanently Fixed 


Material Precision Annealed Supremax


Coating Enhanced Aluminum - 96% 





Diameter  (77.25 mm) 


Material Precision Annealed Supremax


Shape ellipsoid 


Coating Enhanced Aluminum - 96% 








ACCESSORIES N.3 cooling fan + power supply


                            1 vixen dovetail plate


                            Wooden case for wordwide shipping


                            Optics test report


                            Warranty 2 years





OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES:  Focuser moonlight 2"- Optical flat window


Type glass: BK7- Double side accuracy wave 1/5 lambda at 530nm




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