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Schmidt-Cassegrain 11" f/10 price €.2630,00 
only OTA + losmandy plate

Schmidt-Cassegrain 14" f/11 price €.7930,00 
only OTA + losmandy plate

New advanced Schmidt-Cassegrain

Toscanoptics offer a new advanced SC OTA system  for astroamateurs with excellent e performant optics and mechanics.

Completely machined at cnc with aluminum 6061 T6.


Also our company offers a complete series of corrector plates for Schmidt-Cassegrain (Edge HD and ACF included) identical to originals. See details


Optical effect of the corrector on the system parameters is small, but not negligible. It slightly increases the marginal ray height on the primary, as determined by its refraction angle δ  with this ray being then directed toward a different focus focus point, as a result of corrector's interference.


A Schmidt corrector plate is an aspheric lens which is designed to correct the spherical aberration in the spherical primary mirror it is combined with. It was invented by Bernhard Schmidt in 1931 although it may have been independently invented by Finnish astronomer Yrjö Väisälä in 1924 (sometimes called the Schmidt-Väisälä camera). Schmidt originally designed it as part of a wide field photographic catadioptric telescope, the Schmidt camera, and is also used in other telescope designs, camera lenses and image projection systems.

Our Schmidt-Cassegrain 11"  on the Astrophysics mount full equipped.


Courtesy from our swisse customer Mr. Philippè Charpié  (Lausanne)

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