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Toscanoptics company was born in the 98' after a long time to analysis and experiences on the astronomical optics. The our company based in Matera-Italy is specialized in the Ritchey-Chretien and Cassegrain astronomical telescopes for the professional amateur and also too in the optics for Lidar System.


The structure  of  our company is absolutely aimed at the astronomical construction instruments of high precision for demanding customers. We can also supply more services as Coating optics- parabolic mirrors-sperical mirrors - flat mirrors and refiguring service on the Scmidth-Cassegrain telescopes. 

Toscanoptics telescopes are extremely high quality, durable and valuable telescopes.  Know-how, innovation, experience, quality materials, modern design and manufacturing processes enable us to manufacture telescopes of outstanding quality,   Made in Italy


RC carbon tube

New advanced SC

Cassegrain or DK

Lidar optics

RC carbon truss


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