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Precision high grade optical flat mirror

Flat mirrors are smooth, highly polished, flat surfaces, for reflecting light.


Flat mirrors are found in a wide range of optical systems: holography, imaging systems, and auto collimating applications.


Precision grade optical mirrors are made from highly polished glass substrates and coated to reflect light of a specific wavelength. Our optical mirrors may be manufactured from a variety of substrate type of glass:




             Fused silica





Toscanoptics offers optical mirrors polished to: 1/4-1/10 or 1/20 wave flat as customer requirements.

Standard coatings include:


            Protected  Sio2+aluminum

             Protected  gold

             Protected  silver

             Aluminium magnesium fluoride

             Enhanced aluminum coating 


           Custom coatings available upon request.




Mirror quartz blank 24"

Zerodur type

Each flat is rigorously examined through Ritchey-Common test and finally through interferometric test with flat reference

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