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Cassegrain - Dall Kirkham 9.25"   f/20

optimized for Planetary Hi-Res


PRICE €. 2546,00 net vat



Instruments mechanical data (PDF)



Aperture 9-1/4 inch (231 mm) 


Focal Length 4600 mm 


Focal ratio f/20


Central Obstruction 21%  


Back Focus from Primary mirror Surface  (250 mm) 


OTA Length 612 mm 


Optical Tube Carbon Fiber 


Dimensions Overall Dimensions (PDF) 


Weight  (10 kg) 





Diameter 9-1/4 inch (233 mm) 


Clear Aperture  (231 mm) 


Focal ratio f/3 


Mounting Laser Collimated and Permanently Fixed 


Material Precision Annealed Supremax


Coating Enhanced Aluminum - 96% 





Diameter  (44 mm) 


Material Precision Annealed Supremax


Shape Hyperbolic 


Coating Enhanced Aluminum - 96% 




ACCESSORIES N.3 cooling fan + power supply


                            1 vixen dovetail plate


                            Wooden case for wordwide shipping


                            Optics test report


                            Warranty 2 years





OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES:  Focuser moonlight 2"- Optical flat window


Type glass: BK7- Double side accuracy wave 1/5 lambda at 530nm




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